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September 01, 2013


Duval based hip hop artist The IGive takes you to the stars with his reviving brand of rhythm and poetry that both captures his audience through energetic performances and delivers fabulous heart gripping lyricism and with with soul and rhythm. The IGive's music is a refreshing listen in a seemingly uninspired hip hop genre today Sophomore CD "DreamKilerz" was listed as TOP 10 album of the year (all genres) by Heather Lovejoy of the Florida Times Union. Hit single "Remember U" has aired on WJBT's 93.3 the Beat Jamz. Single "Not Hate" has aired on IRIE 105.7 and 105.3 ISM (both now defunct). The IGive has appeared numerous times on the CW17's YourJax Music TV program and has hosted one episode of his own.

The IGive

The IGive has performed as far north as NYC and as far south as Miami, FL and has appeared in numerous festivals from the Savannah Urban Arts Festival to the city of Jacksonville's World of Nations Celebration. He is a 3 year former host an open mic venue bi-monthly, The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & Soul in Jacksonville, FL

A Creative Arrangement, Originally published by Music Clout After the song and the vocal, you need to ensure you have a strong arrangement. This involves using the right structure and ensuring each section of the music is interesting for the listener. This can be achieved by adding extra instruments, adding a counter melody, changing the drum pattern, or changing the key etc. Have a listen to some hit songs, and pay attention to the subtle differences between each section. How is verse 2 different to verse 1? How is the last chorus different to the first?