Return to the Birth of Hip Hop

Hip Hop Pioneers Join The Urban Tech Fair In Leveraging the Latest In Public Web Streaming To Host the Solution Oriented Global Conversation
Conscious HipHop Returns with a Breath of Fresh S.O.U.L.

Conscious Hip Hop Returns with a Breath of Fresh S.O.U.L.

Enid Doggett
Jacqueline Taylor-Adams
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Time:   3p PST | 4p MST | 5p CST | 6p EST | 11p GMT and simultaneously Wed May 14th 12a CEST and 8a JST
Location: Urban Tech Fair Spreecast Channel at
In Attendance:
  • Silky D (First African American Female DJ)
  • Lathan Hodge ( Award winning Film and Television Producer / Chuck D Rep)
  • Zuhairah McGill (Actor / Director / Producer)
  • Jim Neusom (Founder/Executive Producer, Urban Tech Fair)
  • Emerging Artists Akua Naru (Germany), Farrah Burns (NYC), NeNe Ali (NYC), Intelligenz (Las Vegas), and S.O.U.L. (Jacksonville, Fl)
Principles Available for Interview
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 3p PST | 4p MST | 5p CST | 6p EST | 11p GMT and simultaneously Wed May 14th 12a CEST and 8a JST the Urban Tech Fair will launch its first global virtual broadcast, THE OTHER SIDE OF HIP HOP: BACK TO BIRTH on its new Spreecast Channel at
As the Urban Tech Fair (UTF) missions to be a model demonstration of leveraging technology, our existing resources, and collaboration, UTF launches it monthly virtual series with a global discussion on the birth of, women in, and conscious Hip Hop. This solution oriented discussion uses the extremely user friendly and interactive Spreecast platform to bring Hip Hop pioneers, emerging artists, and the general public together to address the question, “How do we reclaim and take control of our original cultural expression and use it to break down generational barriers, instill a positive value system, teach, engage strategic entrepreneurship, and just have some fun?”
The Other Side of Hip Hop: Back To Birth will feature from Los Angeles, Silky D, one of the first African American female DJs, Award winning Film and Television Producer, Lathan Hodges, actor/director/producer Zuhairah McGill along with emerging artists Akua Naru of Germany, Farrah Burns and NeNe Ali of NYC, Intelligenz of Las Vegas, and S.O.U.L. representing Jacksonville, Florida. Also, the work of Hip Hop pioneers and historians Afrika Bambaata, Chuck D, and KRS One along with emerging artists Seff Al-Afriqi and Hezekiah.
The Other Side of Hip Hop will provide the community with a common knowledge and value base through Hip Hop’s history and founding principles of peace, love, unity and safely having fun. Then, emerging artists will be interviewed and their works showcased to demonstrate that Hip Hop in its original intent does still exist. Last, there will be a call for and brainstorm of solutions as to how do we provide access to this Hip Hop to the 94% of people within our communities who get their art and news from mainstream media. Once we provide access, how do we distribute and incorporate the values of Hip Hop to develop individual minds, families, and communities. The framing question to be posed is, “how do we leverage the creative culture of Hip Hop and technology to build effective thinking frames?”
Spreecast is a cutting edge new social video platform with one focus, building the next video conversation platform for web and mobile.
With a focus on providing Access, Education, and driving Commerce, the Urban Tech Fair, a 30 day interactive community based cloud and ground experience, brings urban dwellers ages 12-55 together around under served communities to demonstrate what is possible through technology and collaboration by leveraging local resources, talent, and innovation, aka the Silicon Valleys that exist in our OWN backyards. The Urban Tech Fair works to empower communities with resources and sustainable technologies that enhance the quality of life and equality of information access.
The Urban Tech Fair is the brainchild of Software Developer, Publisher, and Blogger Jim Neusom, more commonly known as the Digital Drummer. Marketing Strategist Jacqueline Taylor-Adams brings definition, clarity, and strategy to the vision as Chairperson and CMO. Collaboration with national technology associations, business organizations, local community groups, business and technology professionals who are also community advocates allows the Urban Tech Fair to effectively promote Access, Education, and drive Commerce.
To learn more about the Urban Tech Fair, visit online at, email or contact Jim Neusom at 1 (877) 552-7012, ext. 1010.
A 30 Day cloud ‘n Ground Experience that Proves Innovation . Talent . Resources aka Silicon Valley exists in your OWN backyard!
produced by Interserve Networks
in association with the BDPA
Jim Neusom

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