FAMU to Launch Black Television News Channel

Black Television News Channel (BTNC) will be a national 24-hour cable news network targeting African American television viewers. The mission of BTNC is to provide intelligent programming that informs, educates, entertains, inspires, and empowers its African American audience.

BTNC’s original programming will target a dynamic, high-growth, loyal consumer who finds himself, today, marginalized to sound bites concerning sports, crime, or entertainment by the mainstream news media and is grossly underserved by cable television’s programming options.  The development of BTNC’s operational model and programming concepts began several years ago with the Florida’s News Channel, an African American entertainment network to produce a nightly one-hour newscast. This pilot newscast was delivered to more than eight million cable television homes during an 18-month trial period. Simultaneously, feature “news-talk” programs targeting African Americans were produced and distributed to approximately two million cable homes throughout the State of Florida. This multi-million dollar trial period not only enabled BTNC’s management to evaluate the demand for its programming, but also offered an opportunity to create valuable news gathering “content” partnerships. Likewise, the trial period enabled BTNC’s management to test new IP video transmission platforms and forge strong marketing and promotional alliances within the black faith-based community, as well as with African American business leaders, entertainers, and lawmakers.

Black Television News Channel’s experienced management team is led by former Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. Watts is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s College of Journalism, a celebrated athlete, an ordained minister, a popular television commentator, and a successful entrepreneur. Watts offers BTNC a lifetime of experience and relationships in business, political, and black communities.



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